Headquarters: Via Fontane, 5 25043 Breno
Contact Information: Tel. 349 0030445   339 5085469
E-mail: lefontane_breno@alice.it
Store Locations: Malga Cadino Banca
Alpine Pasture Locations: Malga Cadino Banca – Loc. Crocedomini (Breno)
Quota 1500/1800 from 20/06 to 30/09
Animals: 190 animals of which l’80% Italian Braunvieh (di cui 60 in lattazione), 2 horses e 7/8 pigs
Business Highlights: 70% of forage is self-made
Vende anche: butter, fresh cheese, casolet, ricotta, fiurit, local cheese
Guided Tour Availability: Reservations Only