Historical Background

F or as long as people in the area have been domesticating animals, they have also proudly produced Silter cheese.

Its uniqueorganoleptic qualities in combination with the local respect and meticulous attention to the tradition have ensured its continued production to this day. Passed down from generation to generation of cheese makers, this traditional method is now practiced on numerous dairy farms found in and around our valley and its beautiful Alpine pastures.

Many of these same expert cheese makers have been raising their own cattle to produce the prized Silter DOP, among other varieties, for ages. The DOP (“Denominazione di OrigineProtetta” – Protected Designation of Origin) label adorning their Silter is a badge of honor. Dairy farming in the valleyhas brought about a variety of products that have decorated our dining tables for eons, but perhapsSilter DOP stands as the most dignified embellishment. With its particularly long shelf life, Silter DOP also represents the core philosophy of why we make cheese – to preserve the nutrients found in the nourishing yet quick-to-spoil milk. In the hopes of safeguarding and keeping the legacy of this production technique alive, the “Consortium of Producers for the Protection of Silter DOP” was established.

Today, it is composed of 24 producers and five cheese “affineurs” and is open to any and all who follow production specifications and are committed to sharing the guidelines for upholding this tradition ofrural society.

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Malga s. apollonia - historical photo

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