Quality Control

C hecks to ensure the product conforms to specifications are handled by a board according to the Reg. CE n. 1151/2012. Thisboardis CSQA Certificazioni srl, Via S.Gaetano n.74, 30016 Tiene (VI), tel. 0445 313011 – fax 0445 313070.

All members of theregulatedchain of production (animal farms, Alpinepastures, dairy farms and ripening facilities) located in the area defined by product specifications are subject to conformity checks as required by the Quality Control Plan.

Those interested in applying for DOP certification and quality control services must provide CSQA with an official request formembership.

Only after all verifications and checks set forth by CSQA have been made, can the board authorize the activities of expert examination and marking. This authorization is sent to the recognized consortium in order to schedule the markings. Only those wheels bearing the DOP branding can be sold as Silter DOP; the age is calculated from the production date, and it has a determined date only after which it can be sold.

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Marchiatura a fuoco

Marchiatura all'origine

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