Headquarters: Viale Caduti, 82 25040 Berzo Inferiore
Contact Information: 3492174256 – 3335634124 info@agrimorvalledeisegni.it  www.agrimorformaggi.it
Store Locations: Viale Caduti, 82 25040 Berzo Inferiore
Alpine Pasture Locations: Località Guali Berzo Inferiore
Guided Tour Availability: Reservations Only

AGRIMOR is a small family-run dairy, born in 2016 in the second generation, we process raw cow's milk. (Since 2016 we have been applying the Safe Milk protocol with OZOLEA, a 100% natural oil that works on the prevention of mastitis, the primary cause of the use of antibiotics in lactation). Our farm is located in GUALI, in an area that can only be reached by a dirt road, surrounded by nature and the rhythm of the seasons. It is a FREE STALL where the animal is not forced into a position, but moves independently and decides whether to rest in the appropriate bunks, go to the relaxation area where a rotary brush is available, or go to the latest generation computerized power supply, where the animal is immediately recognized by an electronic collar and supplied with the amount of food necessary for the daily requirement. All this is necessary to guarantee the animal welfare which is an integral part of our company. Twice a day the cows are milked in the special milking parlor, where all the hygiene and health criteria are applied, the milk that arrives directly in a refrigerated tank is then transferred to the dairy for processing. We like to say that we are the first consumers.